Chapter 1 Overview of the Workshop

There are four sections to this workshop:

These sections will generally be presented in sequence. The discussion will alternate between theory and practice. The format will alternate between lecture and lab sessions. Please ask questions as soon as they arise in your mind. Please provide feedback or voice concerns.

There is additionally an Appendix which primarily houses the exercise solutions, as well as a collection of additional, more advanced, exercises.

1.1 Contact information

1.1.1 CSCAR

1.2 Acknowledgments

These notes have evolved over the years thanks to many CSCAR statisticians, including Corey Powell, Josh Errickson, Giselle Kolenic, and Missy Plegue.

This material was created for use in workshops and short courses presented by faculty and staff from the Consulting for Statistics, Computing & Analytics Research (CSCAR) at the University of Michigan. No part of this material may be used for other purposes, copied, changed, or sold.

1.3 Images

All images embedded within the document should link to a full-size version of the image.

1.4 Data

There are a number of data sets used in these notes; some used for the examples, others for the execises. - This zip files contains all data used within the notes.

1.4.1 Example Data

1.4.2 Exercise Data

1.4.3 Additional Exercises

These are for the additional exercises and final project found in the appendix.